One of the trickiest things for a salesperson is getting past the
gatekeeper. Also known as a receptionist this person can be helpful
or harmful. The harmful receptionist is better referred to as a
Deceptionist. The deceptionist is the gatekeeper that filters all calls
going to a particular executive or to the company as a whole. A
good Deceptionist seems to be a great asset to the person they are
serving by keeping down the number of calls, which equate to

Not every gatekeeper is a deceptionist. The term refers only to
gatekeepers that lie or openly deceive. Administrative Assistants that
provide honest information are building relationships. These are the
that will provide information such as “I’m really sorry, but we do not
take phone solicitations” instead of “you can leave a voice mail
message” (knowing it will never be returned).

However a “Deceptionist” can be very bad for business as they
forget they play a key role in marketing and customer service. If you
have a deceptionist here are three ways they could be harming your

They forget the salesperson may also be a customer.

They harm the organization’s reputation.

Salespeople provide negative word of mouth advertising to them.

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