Sometimes a customer can fool you. Everything seems to be okay
but as soon as they leave you and get with friends and family they
cuss about you. A “cusstomer” is someone that has either spent
money with us or tried to spend money with us. They are the person
to whom we have fallen short of meeting expectations. They are so
mad at us they want to cuss us out. Many do.

Only 9 percent of those we service poorly will tell us. The other 91
percent will probably never give us another chance to earn their

Word of mouth advertising is also prevalent among cusstomers.
They will tell nine or ten of their friends, relatives, or co-workers.
One in eleven will tell twenty others!

If you do not think you have cusstomers you are being naive. Even
the best run customer-oriented organizations will fail from time to
time. Improve your customer service techniques and you will reduce
the number of cusstomers.

Consider the long list of retailers that lost sight of the customer
service excellence. A&P grocery stores, Montgomery Ward, and
Bill Knapp’s Restaurants were continual bottom dwellers for
external customer service. They regularly got complaints without
reacting. Cusstomers were also responsible for the demise of
All these companies except Kmart are now extinct and Kmart
continues to surprise analysts they can keep doors open.

Remember: even if you have just one cusstomer a month they will tell
ten people you are not worth doing business with. That’s 120 people
a year more likely to go to your competitor!

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