3 questions about the United States
most Americans cannot answer
NOTE: This is an ice breaker for diversity training classes. Use it
to show that even though we expect others to learn English and
understand American cultures there are many aspects of America
most Americans do not know.

Before being granted citizenship immigrants must prove they
know certain things about government and heritage of the United
States. Yet there are many interesting questions about the
country citizens of the United States call America that even 10th
and 11th generation immigrants cannot answer.

The reason is that many who grew up in USA have not been
exposed to a world view of geography. For example, the term
“Americans” is used globally to refer to people from the United
States as well as people from any country in North or South

Even the term “United States”, which is used globally, is
duplicated in North America. The legal name of Mexico is the
“United States of Mexico”.

Many of you have already learned something in this article so let
us keep that learning going with three more compelling
interrogatives. These questions will appear on the citizenship
exam but they are entertaining to consider.

See if you can guess the answers to these questions.

1. Which state is most often misspelled?
One state has the distinction of being misspelled almost all of the
time. In fact many people who have been to the state and seen
how the state spells its name still misspell it.

What state is it? Think for a few moments and then
click here for
the answer.

2. Which is named after the other: Lake Michigan or the
State of Michigan?
When you look at a map you see two large bodies known as
Michigan: One is a lake and the other a state. It is a logical
conclusion that one is named after the other. The conclusion is
correct but which one was named first?

Since the United States was settled by the Europeans from
England migrating to the West it seems logical that the state,
which is east of the lake, would have been named first.

But was it? Give it some thought and then
click here to find out.

3. Which state flag is allowed to fly at the same height as
the US flag?

Did you know that no flag is to fly higher than the United States
flag? When multiple flags are flying foreign flags are allowed to fly
at the same height, but not even a smidgen of an inch higher.
State flags, company flags, city flags or any other type of flag
must fly lower in the American flag.

But there is one exception.

Although 49 flags are prohibited from flying at the same height or
higher than the US flag one state’s flag is to be flown at the same
height as Old Glory.

Which state is it?

Think about which data might be and when you think you know
click here for the answer.

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