It has long been debated whether or not people can truly be changed.
The reality is very clear – people cannot be changed. Therefore
professional coaches know that in lieu of trying to change somebody
they must take the individual and redirect their attention. Surprisingly this
redirection gets rapid results.

Consider someone that smokes. When they first learn they have lung
cancer they will give up smoking cold turkey. Sometimes a smoke-free
period of their life will last forever but in other cases it only last a few
days or weeks.


Because the patient did not change. It took him a lifetime to get the way
they are hour-long coaching session will not change who they are – no
matter how many times it is repeated.

Ask yourself what would’ve happened if instead of telling the patient
they had lung cancer they were going to die the doctor had said “let’s
see what we can do that you can see her grandchildren grow up”?

The redirection from their own health issues to the desire virtually every
grandparent has been a part of their grandchildren’s lives would have
caused change.

The person did not change with the second approach, they were
redirected to a more powerful goal. The smoker will look at the
grandchildren and be reminded how badly they want to see them grow
up as opposed to thinking about being deprived of the cigarette for health

Coaches, if they are good, recognize the need to effectively redirect one’
s attention and thought processes to a goal that will change the outcome
even though the person has not changed.

Life Lessons:
  • Morale #1: People cannot be changed.
  • Morale #2: People can be redirected.

Use this ah-ha moment story for developing skills in these areas:

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The smoker: can
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