Mrs. Smith was very excited as tonight she was going to be able to
use her new kitchen for the first time. Just yesterday she had finished
unpacking from their move to this quaint rural town from the big city.
She ventured into town and found a interesting little market. She was
surprised that behind the meat counter there were only two trays of
ground beef and they looked oddly the same.

“What is the price of that meat?” she asked the butcher as she
pointed to the tray on the left.

“Its three dollars a pound,” the Butcher replied.

“And what about the other?” she inquired as she pointed to the tray
on the right.

“That tray is five dollars a pound,” the butcher informed her.

“Wow, they look the same,” she said in amazement. “What’s the
difference between the two trays?”

“Nobody’s ever asked before,” said the butcher. “They are exactly
the same.”

“Then why is one $2 more per pound?”

Why do you think the two trays are different amount?
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The meat
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