Sometimes even the most ethical people might try to pull a fast one. If
that ever happens to you, remember the story of this butcher.

Anxious to go home, the butcher was happy when a lady came into the
shop because he was sure she’d buy his one remaining chicken. He
placed it on the scale and said, “That will be $5.78,” he said.

“Hmm, that’s too small for my hungry bunch,” said the woman. “Do
you have anything larger?”

Desperation overtook good judgment as he returned the bird to the
refrigerator. After pausing a moment he took it out again.

“This one,” he said faintly, “will be $6.75.”

What the lady did next shocked the butcher and put him in an unenviable

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It is very difficult to outsmart a customer. Make sure you always treat
them with honesty or you will end up being very embarrassed.

Life Lessons:
Morale #1: Lie to your customer and you will get caught.
Morale #2: Trying to do anything to get a sale may lose the customer

As Aesop established hundreds of years ago with his timeless fables we
remember words best when we become engaged in a story. Max has
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