One of the beliefs instilled in me at an early age was that whenever
possible a family should dine together. During our precious mealtime we
will talk about the events of the day.

On day in 1989 we were sitting around the table sharing stories when I
pointed out that I had been in a meeting with Jaclyn Smith. Four years
earlier this star of television’s Charley’s Angels had been hired by Kmart
to develop a line of clothing for career-oriented women.

On this particular day she was visiting
Kmart’s International
Headquarters in Troy, Michigan, with her husband, filmmaker Tony
Richmond.  They were introducing the newest collection of apparel to
be sold under her name.

I had dashed into the meeting where seating was auditorium style,
grabbing the first empty seat I came upon. Shocked, I noticed
Richmond was sitting directly in front of me with Jaclyn to his left.

Kidding was not uncommon at the dinner table, so I embellished the

After giving the facts just mentioned here, I added. “You know, honey, I
think she kept looking at me.”

My wife, Betty, was quick on the uptake and played along, “Well what’s
not to like. She won’t be able to get you out of her mind.”

It was good for a laugh at the time, but several days later it took an even
more comic twist.

Another dinner and another chance to milk the humor.

“Did you hear the news?”

“No,” Betty replied.

“It was on the radio,” I added, “Jaclyn Smith’s people announced today
she had filed for a divorce.”

“I told you she could never be happy with him after meeting you,”
quipped Betty.

Of course there was no truth to the story other than my sitting behind
them at the meeting, but we still laugh about it to this day.

Life Lessons:
  • Morale #1: There is humor all around us.
  • Morale #2: Leaders need to laugh..

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