A man finds himself standing before Saint Peter at the gates to

“Looking back at your life I cannot find any examples of you doing
anything really good for others,” said St. Peter. “Unfortunately I
cannot give you a crown for service because I cannot find any
examples of you doing something really good for someone else in the
name of Christ. If you can give me just one example of how your life
benefited someone else, I’ll let you have the crown.”

Without hesitation the man said, “I was having breakfast at a diner on
the main highway when a gang of diners started to abuse the
waitress. I quickly grabbed the butcher knife the cook had left at the
end of the counter and yelled at the apparent leader of the gang to
leave her alone or I’d teach them a lesson.”

“Wow, that certainly would qualify but I do not see it in my book.”
said St. Peter.

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The gates of Heaven
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