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ANSWER: The baby weighed over 20 pounds.

The scale had been adjusted one of the doctor's wives so they
would be more proud of what they caught.

Embellishment is not just for fishing stories. Job applicants are
known for exaggerating their experiences and accomplishments.
Various surveys have gauged this embellishment to be present
on 52 percent to 89 percent of all applications.

It does not stop at work accomplishments. People are known to
embellish earnings while dating, childhood memories, sport
prowess, and many other things.

The key to integrity is to be able to separate reality and fiction.
Present yourself as who you are and others will learn to trust
and respect you even more.

Life Lessons:
  • Morale #1: Fake data leads to bad decisions.
  • Morale #2: Be honest in all things or you will be found out.

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