With productivity falling below their goals, the board of the ABC
Widget Company decided to hire a consultant to investigate potential
avenues for improvement. The consultant set out right away to tour
the plant.

Soon after entering the shipping area he noticed a man standing next
to one of the pillars holding up the roof. After introducing himself, the
consultant asked the man what his job was.

“I am supposed to stand by this pillar,” the employee said

Curious, the consultant asked why he was supposed to stand there.

“I don’t know. My boss told me to stand by the pillar so that is what
I do.”

Thanking the man, the consultant continued on his tour. When he got
to the production line he noticed a man standing next to another pillar.

“Good afternoon,” the consultant said before explaining who he was.

“May I ask you what you do here?”

The man by the pillar said, “This is my job. I am supposed to stand
by this pillar all day. I’ve been doing it for five years.”

The following month the consultant presented his findings as the
board reconvened. A discussion of the board members ensued and
soon a decision was made as to how to handle the situation.

When the discussion had concluded, the consultant was tasked with
firing one of the two men standing by the pillars.

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Consultant and the
men by the pillars
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