Life can be very scary to young children.  With the excitement of the
first day of school comes the trepidation of being away from your
parents for the first time. There is a scariness attached to the first
time you ride your bike without training wheels.  It is frightening the
first time you go swimming without the life jacket.  Each of these
experiences was less terrifying with one of your parents at your side.

Children trust their parents.

We're not talking about trust as knowing our parents wouldn't lie to
us. That’s called “truthfulness”. Although truthfulness is important
part of trust, children trust their parents to a much greater degree.  
This is because we know our parents would be willing to put their
lives on the line for us.

Such is the trust I had in Bob, my boss while working as the Director
of Vendor Development at Kmart.  No, I did not expect Bob to put
his life on the line for me.  Although, quite honestly, I wouldn't rule it
out.  Time and time again he demonstrated he could be trusted with
my career. He watched over me. He had the ultimate integrity. He
knew my goals and put me in places and situations to help me meet
those goals. He provided the resources I needed to succeed and
gave me every opportunity to shine. When I was in trouble, he
protected me.

One time Bob came to the rescue following a trip I had made with
then Kmart President Mark Schwartz. We had taken a day trip to
Arkansas on the corporate jet. High over Indiana Mark, who was
seated across the aisle from me, leaned over and announced, “Rick,
call me in the morning. I’ve been meaning to eliminate your call
center so let’s do it tomorrow.”

Obviously I was shocked! Eliminate the vendor call center? I had
spent the last year working with these 17 excellent workers. I had
seen them grow in confidence, happiness, and fulfillment as they
found hidden talent buried deep within their souls. What would he do
with them?

The next morning, I waited for Bob to arrive. As soon as I saw him
we discussed what Mark had said. Bob was not concerned. He
asked me if I knew the impact it would have. I responded with
something about the job loss.

“What matters to Mark more than jobs?” he asked.

I knew it was a learning moment as I had no idea where Bob was

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