As an experienced fisherman, Bob decided to help Jeff develop his
skills as a fisherman. One morning the two set out for a local pond
known to have an abundance of hungry fish.

Bob was delighted to catch a fish almost as soon as his hook
dropped below water level. Within a few minutes he dropped a two
big fish in his ice chest.

Jeff was ecstatic to be fishing with Bob because he knew he could
learn a lot from him. He dreamt he would have a record catch. He
paid close attention to the lures Bob used, how Bob held his rod for
a cast, and even tried to match the distance between the hook and

Soon, Jeff caught his first fish, proudly holding it up to Bob’s
admiring glance. Then, suddenly, Jeff threw his catch back in the

“Why did you throw it back?” pleaded Bob.

What was Jeff’s reason?
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Big fish
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