An ant colony had established itself in the sand trap at the country club.
Life was typically quiet and peaceful as the ants went about their daily
busy. However one afternoon the tranquility was suddenly broken when
a golf ball landed smack dab in the middle of the main entrance to the
colony’s underground tunnels. The ants tried to move the ball, but to no
avail – it was simply too big and heavy.

Soon two men carrying clubs walked toward the ball and soon one
would be standing next to it waving a club. He swing and missed the
ball. Ant-filled sand was flying through the air and when it landed
hundreds of ants were dead. The man took a small step forward and
raised his club again. He swung even harder than before, sending
another flume into the air. More ants were dead.

After a few more readjustment in where he stood, a few more swings,
and more dead ants, the ball remained untouched.

Finally, there were only two ants left. As the man got ready for another
swing, one ant turned to the other and said, _____”

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The two ants