Max Impact and his team have been involved in business
strategy and leadership development for decades.

During this time, they have compiled a variety of materials
that have assisted in achieving client success. This website
is a compilation of many of these resources arranged in ten
key topic areas for the use of trainers, coaches and those
seeking self-development.

If business strategy or leadership development are
important to you, this website is bound to have something to
help your journey. Max Impact has been involved in
leadership and business strategy development for more
than three decades. Here he shares his experience, so you
can get great results from your hard work!

Sorted into topics important in today's business world, you
will find materials ideal for personal reflection, coaching
sessions, workshops or team meetings. To navigate, select
a topic on the left and it will take you to anecdotes and
workshop exercises, how-to articles, motivational
quotes and stories, success stories from Max's work,
surveys, and word pictures for business terms known as

Max and his team are retired and do not take new clients
but still have a fire in their hearts for helping other
consultants, trainers, and executives.
Contact the team with
your questions, comments, and requests.

Max Impact, Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA
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