Who names
When referring to the various
generations in the workplace
when can become confused
about which name to use.
The blind man in the
NYC park
A blind man in a park in New
York was not receiving any help
- until the Madison Avenue
executive lent a hand.
The psychiatric unit spouses
This tragic story of an older couple in the
hospital gives us insight as we search for
a new career. This could help you on your
next job interview.
Johnny the bagger
This is the story of a special person and
the impact he had on the customer service
at one grocery store. It should motivate you
to provide unique customer service
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54% could be more productive
In a survey by Ikon Business Solutions
only 46% of workers would rate their office
as very efficient.  The rest say they want to
do more.
Global perspective or
communication skills?
Having a global perspective is
not as important as developing
communication skills
according to a recent survey.
The donkey and the mule
Aesop tells of a man who loaded his
donkey and mule for a journey. After some
time the donkey began to weaken so he
asked the stronger mule for help . .
The bad business intelligence
The first market analysis came back with a
recommendation that would prove to be
wrong once a second analyst took a fresh
look at the global economy.
When an employee
makes a big mistake

Thomas Watson, founder of
IBM, shares his view of how to
handle employees tat make
huge mistakes.

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The CEO, manager and salt
The story of a CEO, his new manager, and
the role of a salt shaker in establishing