Is the customer always right?
The age old question about whether or not
it is true that the customer is always right
is answered with experiential learning.
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is here..
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54% could be more productive
In a survey by Ikon Business Solutions
only 46% of workers would rate their office
as very efficient.  
The rest say they want to
do more.
Global perspective v. communication
Despite the emphasis being placed on
international business, having a global
perspective is not as important as
developing communication skills.
The donkey and the mule
Aesop tells of a man who loaded his
donkey and mule for a journey. After
the donkey began to weaken so he
asked the stronger mule
for help . .
Business intelligence gone wrong
The first market analysis came back with a
recommendation that would prove to be
wrong once a second analyst took a fresh
look at the global economy.
3 no-cost ways to develop employees
Every workplace has employees that are
underperforming when compared to the
expectations other supervisors. Here are
some ways provide incentives.

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What would you give up?
A recent survey asked 2,069
employed adults would be
willing to give up in order to
receive a 50% pay raise.
Half say ads are deceptive
Exactly half of the respondents
to a recent survey on
advertising believe ads
The psychiatric unit spouses
This tragic story of an older
couple in the hospital gives us
insight as we search for a new
Who names the generations?
When referring to the various
generations in the workplace
when can become confused
about which name to use.