3 fundamentals of teamwork
You have heard the term “teamwork” and
the phrase “be a team player,” but
chances are you have never experienced
true teamwork. (More
"How to")
Tree or leaf
Which would you rather be - a tree or a
leaf?  This video offers a perspective worth
More workshops/seminar materials)
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Flats and rubbers
There is one important attribute shared by
all the great leaders of nations,
companies, and individual departments.  
More experiential learning exercises)
No 'Bucks down under
Some marketing faux pas are a result of
poor research. This is the case with the
Starbucks entry to Australia.
marketing faux pas)
Don't cross
What does attitude have to do with
crossing the street? This cartoon sheds
some light.
More anecdotes)
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Top 3 time wasters
A recent survey from Salary.com sought to
discover the top time bandits. According to
their findings, here are the top three ways
people waste time at work. (
"Excellent firms don't believe in excellence -
only in constant improvement and constant change."
Tom Peters
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