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When Max Impact and his
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they decided to keep this
website going and making
it free for anyone to use.

"Ah-ha" moments
Undated Aesop's fables
True stories with surprises
Anecdotes with a twist

Inspiring stories
Stores of outstanding people

Quote quizzes
Guess how a quote ends
Learn about the speaker

Word contractions

Cartoons with meaning
Motivational sayings
Workshop aides

Motivational and/or instructional

Business by number
Top ## lists
Step-by-step how-to
Survey results

Cultural road map
The content of our character

Group & individual exercises
Ice breakers

Dr. Max
Success stories and case studies

Max's Bookshelf
Books, videos, and more
The argument
"Ah-ha" moment
Conflict resolution
Corporate culture
Meeting success
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