The lawyer and free advice
NEW 11/19/14: A survey released by the
Girl Scouts of the USA found that 75% of
minority children see themselves as
Handling meeting "hostages"
NEW 11/13/14: A hostage is the person
that attends a workshop or training only
because it is mandatory. Here is how to
deal with them.
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The auto repair shop
NEW 11/18/14: Have you ever felt you were
being serviced by a robot? This anecdote
shows what Max calls "robots on the front
Meeting with Middle-Easterners
NEW 11/13/14: Gain an understanding of  
the Middle-Eastern business culture by
viewing this short video, ideal for team
meetings. (Video)
Slow down
NEW 11/19/14: In one of the funniest
sketches ever to broadcast on TV we see
a vivid example of the challenges of
communication. (Video)
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NEW 11/15/14: To be an employer of
choice you must understand that today's
candidate pool has a different look at
benefits and policies. (Cartoon)
"Excellent firms don't believe in excellence -
only in constant improvement and constant change."
Tom Peters
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