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When Max Impact and his
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they decided to keep this
website going and making
it free for anyone to use.

"Ah-ha" moments
Undated Aesop's fables
True stories with surprises
Anecdotes with a twist

Inspiring stories
Stores of outstanding people

Quote quizzes
Guess how a quote ends
Learn about the speaker

Word contractions

Cartoons with meaning
Motivational sayings
Workshop aides

Motivational and/or instructional

Business by number
Top ## lists
Step-by-step how-to
Survey results

Cultural road map
The content of our character

Group & individual exercises
Ice breakers

Dr. Max
Success stories and case studies

Max's Bookshelf
Books, videos, and more
Sleep and
income level
Group or individual exercise
Time management
Career selection
Corporate culture
Meeting success
The cannons
Employee engagement
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